International artist Alexandra Spyratos travels the world with her art, exhibiting her paintings of African Wildlife in Italy, Greece, France, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Singappre , Hong Kong, Australia, Africa and USA. Well known for her paintings of the regal Zebra, Alexandra also recreates the Elephant, the Giraffe, the elegant Impala, the Wildebeast, the flighty Ostrich and more, in her glamorous golds, pure silvers and metallics. Working with mixed medium, Spyratos also paints with fluorescent colour, oil paint, acrylics, charcoal and pastels to create in her unique style, the wildlife that surrounds her.

The artist is also involved with many charities (borntofly, Leopardess Foundation, Tsavo Trust and CISP) and out reach programs, creating murals with local communities in Africa to promote education in conservation.