1982 Seal Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

1984 Atinee Art Gallery, Townsville, Australia

1988 James Craig barque, Darling Harbour, Sydney

1989 Alliance Francais, Sydney, Australia

1990 Kips, Byron Bay, Australia

1991 Mimdam Gallery, Malindi, Kenya

1992 Sulieman Gallery, Malindi, Kenya

1993 Sulieman Gallery, Malindi, Kenya

1994 Matbronze Gallery, Nairobi, Kenya

1995 Soho Gallery, Woolamaloo, Sydney

1996 Sulieman Gallery, Malindi, Kenya

1998 Compagnia Generale dei Viaggiatori Naviganti e Sognatori, Milan, Italy

1999 Alliance Francais, Kampala, Uganda

1999 Compagnia Generale dei Viaggiatori Naviganti e Sognatori, Milan, Italy

2000 La Biciclette, Milan, Italy

2003 Rushcutter’s Bay Gallery, Sydney, Australia

2003 Peponi Gallery, Lamu Island, Kenya

2004 Rushcutter’s Bay gallery, Sydney, Australia

2005 Rushcutter’s Bay Gallery, Sydney. Australia

2006 Agora Gallery, New York, U.S.A.

2006 Lurie Fine Art Gallery, Miami, U.S.A.

2007 Cat Street Gallery, Hong Kong

2009 The Talisman, Nairobi, Kenya

2010 Lisa Christoffersen’s Home gallery, Nairobi

2010 Lion In The Sun (residence Flavio Briatorre), Malindi, Kenya

2011 Vipingo Ridge, Vipingo, Kenya

2011 Watatu Gallery, Nairobi, Kenya

2012 Soho Gallery, Sydney, Australia

2012 Vipingo Ridge, Vipingo Kenya

2012 Muthaiga Club, Nairobi, Kenya

2013 Art in The Yard Gallery, Franschhoek, South Africa

2013 Baitilaman, Lamu Island, Kenya

2014 Nairobi Museum, Nairobi, Kenya

2014 Fenetre Sur Cadre, Geneva, Switzerland

2014 Art In The Yard, Franschhoek, South Africa

2015 Kasser Rassu Gallery, Marbella, Spain

2016 Marta Torres Gallery, Ibiza, Spain

2016 Art In The Yard, Franschhoek, South Africa


1984 Queensland National Gallery, Townsville, Aus.

2002 Art Collections Gallery, Surfers Paradise, Aus.

2004 Art Collections Gallery, Surfers Paradise, Aus.

2005 Affordable Art Show, Melbourne, Australia

2005 Rushcutter’s Bay Gallery, Sydney, Australia

2006 Fusion Art Gallery, Miami, U.S.A.

2007 Rushcutter’s Bay Gallery, Sydney, Australia

2007 Artists for African Rainforest, Annual exhibition, African

Rainforest Conservancy, New York, Auction by Sotheby’s.

2008 Malindi Casino, Malindi, Kenya

2009 Karen Blixon, Malindi, Kenya

2009 Slideluck Potshow (New York), Nairobi

2010 Diani Art Gallery, Diani, Mombasa, Kenya

2011 Pinks Gallery, Kurawitu, Kenya

2012 Libby Edwards Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

2012 Art in The Yard, Franschhoek, SouthAfrica

2012 The Tribe, Nairobi, Kenya

2012 Malindi Biennale, Kenya

2013 Catherine Miller Gallery, London

2014 International Art Show IMAGO MUNDI,

Luciano Benetton Collection, Venice, Italy

2014 Soho Gallery, Sydney, Australia

2014 Art Fusion Gallery . Miami, U.S.A.

2014 Imago Mundi, Museo Bilotti di Villa Borghese, Rome


1989-2014 Mural Commissions:

Private Houses, Nightclubs.

Schools, Restaurants and Gyms in Italy, Kenya and Australia.

Public mural art includes: Darling Harbour (Sydney), Bondi Public

School(Sydney), Sydney Fishmarkets, Kings Cross (Sydney),

Ndebele design (Milan), Manta restaurant, Fingerpoint Wharf (Sydney)

Community Murals with Saba Saba and Bora Bora Schools (Mitengeni,

Kenya), Kakayuni School for the Deaf and Dumb (Kenya).

CISP Malindi Music Festival Murals

Community Mural with The Child Protection Centre, Malindi

Murals private residencies Australia and Kenya

Community based Murals Outreach programs with C.I.S.P

Art Therapy with outreach programs at Kakuyuni School for speech and

hearing challenged children.

Commissions include:

Mick Doohan, Paul Hogan, Linda Kowalski, Darcy Bussell, Domitella Peugeot,

Serafino Memolla, Mark Bouros, William Scully, Antonio Gallo,

Kempinski Hotel(Dar Es Salaam), Four Seasons Hotel (Serengetti), Radisson

Hotels (London), Australian High Commissioner H.E. Geoff, Tooth, Luciano

Benetton, Nadia Moidu, James Cameron.

Charities Supported:

Born Free Foundation, Kenya

African Rainforest Conservancy, New York

African Leaf, Byron Bay/Kenya Orphanage Kitengela

Byron Bay Breast Cancer Group, Byron Bay, Australia

C.I.S.P Child protection Centre, Malindi , Kenya

Malindi Breast Cancer Support Group, Malindi, Kenya

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Kenya

Save a Childs Heart

Press Releases and Media include:

1984 Channel 7 TV News, Townsville

1998 “Architectural Digest”, Milan, Italy

1998 “Panorama” Italy

1999 TV News, Uganda

2002 “The Domain” (floor murals) Sydney Morning Herald

2004 “Gold Coast Magazine”, Queensland, Australia

2006 “The Today Show” Interview Channel 9 TV, Australia

2006 Radio Interview, WRB New York, USA

2006 Alexandra’s art chosen as “Art of the Month”, Miami, Florida, used for all

magazine/newspaper promotion of the ART WALK Design District, Miami, USA.

2008 “Home Beautiful” Magazine, Australia

2008 “Santa Barbara” Magazine, California, USA

2009 “Coastal Living” Magazine, California, USA

2008/09 Promo Adverts for Gold Coast, Channel 10 TV

2010 “Time Out” Melbourne

2010 “The Nation”, Kenya

2011 “The Standard” Kenya

2011 25 Beautiful Homes (UK,USA,NZ)

2012 “The Standard” Kenya

2013 “The Edition” Kenya

2014 The Star, The Nation

2014 The Echo Australia

2015 TV Program “Colour In Your Life” Australia/USA/South Africa/NZ

2015 The Star, Kenya

2016 Artists Diary , Kenya